Pjcalingasan Student (LPUMANILA) MNL.who loves to post about fashion photographs and arts Photo Retouching Graphics Artist
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  • Fashion editorial (RETOUCHED)

    (C) maxximages

    Photoretouching : Pjcalingasan
    Credits : artemisaesthetic.deviantart.co…

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    (c) Mizuki

    Post-processed: Yours truly



    Processed by : Yours truly

  • PhotoRetouching : Pjcalingasan

    I do not own this pictures.

  • Photo/by Macky

    Retouching Pjcalingasan

  • linn by sirxlem

    Retouching by Pjcalingasan

  • Anya by Dxlogic
    Retouching by Pjcalingasan

  • machine-factory:

    Colorful digital portraits by artist Mink Couteaux aka Merged Visible.  Taken from his series “Dead Rapper” and “Next Generation Rappers” and a solo Kanye piece for good measure.

    (via i-luv-luci)

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